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Questionaire - english

Questionaire - english

Please, answer the questions below or send them to your friends or relatives in foreign countries to answer it with 1-3 sentences, and add a suitable fotografy – if available.

Then send it to the contact-mail-adress:  –  thank you!

Some days later you´ll find your answers on this page:

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Interview-Questions for a „Car Free Day“:

  • What are you doing to protect the environment in your country?
  • Are there already „Car Free Days“ organized in your city or country?
  • What do you think about CO2-reducing-activities by your own?
  • Do pupils and teachers speak about the changes of environment and climate?
  • In which way do you reach your school or place of work?
  • Do you like to go by bike or by foot (to school, to friends, for shopping ….)?
  • What kind of moving do you prefer in vacations?
  • Are there any traditional events in your community on the 1. Mai Day?
  • Do you plan any activities to protect the environment on 1.5.  too?
  • If there are only electric-cars in the city, would you agree?
  • What do you know about “renewable energies”?
  • Why should we say “good bye” to coal power stations and nuclear reactors?
  • Other questions by your own ...

Contact: „Rödinghauser Umweltkids“      Weidenbrink 19,  D-32289 Rödinghausen